Upholstered furniture by "Shic Galichina" is the most luxurious furniture.

Today, when the modern pace of life - work, family and other routine, barely don`t have time to interact with each other, we are forgetting about everyday things – good rest, relationships, travel, hobbies. When we go home and lie down on bed after work we want to get rest sweetly and gently and when we wake up, we want to be a cheerful and vigorous. On weekends we want to spend our time with family on a large comfortable sofa!

Creating furniture we want to get you the joy of using our furniture for many years. We want to create bright, pleasant and comfort in your routine life

Evaluate our furniture collection that is not only comfortable and good quality, but you will enjoy it every day:

Manufacture of the upholstered furniture from your dreams

Today the production of upholstered furniture is extremely difficult process, as many of the manufacturers and each one has a different quality. "Shic Galichina" use only a modern Italian technology at all stages of furniture and have high quality control. This indicates a professionalism of "Shic Galichina" team and your confidence in our products.

Review our catalog right now. You can get guaranteed aesthetic pleasure even you will just browsing our catalog. In this case thing is even not a convenient navigation, beautiful icons and quality photos - we just do a good job and you have the opportunity every second to buy any furniture from our factory, which can be enjoyed every day at least ten years!

  1. We do monitoring the latest trends of the furniture market and always consider the tastes of our customers. We are employ professional designers from Italy every time when we develop a new model of the classic sofas, so that`s why every part of the furniture looks individual and unique.
  2. "Shic Galichina" make the most modern furniture in Ukraine in all styles, but our classic models always in tradition of the world requirements.
  3. We are the first manufacturer of furniture in Ukraine, with guarantees of high quality products, because we have our own production of plywood and lamels - the foundation of quality furniture. All raw materials are environmentally friendly and completely safe for health

Your chic sensation of quality:

"Shic Galichina" has meaning and purpose in name – developing of the quality furniture that will be not only visual element of luxury, also as a subject of your satisfaction, inspiration, pride and prestige. We guarantee you will fall in love with our furniture!

Furniture Factory "Shic-Galichina" - а chic sensation of the quality!

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