The advantages of furniture factory SHIK GALICHINA

The aim of MF SHIK GALICHINA - To develop the comfortable, functional and eco-friendly furniture, for any house, and a large assortment and price range segments of the "Premium", "Comfort" and "Economy" levels will help to satisfy any needs of customer.

1. Reputation and brand power of SHIK GALICHINA

Upholstered furniture factory was established in 1995 and during these years we have become rapidly developing the professional team. We care about coziness in your home. Today brand is positioned as a manufacturer of high-quality and available upholstered furniture in Ukraine.

2. Our own production of environmentally friendly materials.

The factory produces and controls the entire process of plywood and lamels of hardwood hornbeam and beech, that have a dense texture of fiber, and able to withstand in 2,5 times more load than birch plywood and in 10 times more pressure than particleboard and fiberboard. Lamels are also made of precious wood distinguishing firmness strength in which the spring is different from the usual snake is no squeak. More details about the technology of soft furniture.

3. Our own production of mattresses «Galicia Prestige» and lamel carcasses «Comfort», «Relax».

We care about health of our clients, therefore developed a new orthopedic mattresses for all the family which include innovative materials. For more relaxation and comfort, the factory has developed lamel frame with mechanisms "Relax", which greatly increase the service life of mattress.

4. Process

The factory uses the best Italian technology and this allows you to execute the threads of any complexity, which is an important factor in the unique design of the product.

5. Assortment

Factory focuses on the production of upholstered furniture (sofas, chairs, beds and pouf) 5 collections, perfect for all segments of client with different taste and income.

6. Updating model range

We follow the trends of fashion, and each year we develop and renew all model series that fully comply the requirements of our clients and therefore are selling well.

7. Guarantee and certification

We are confident in quality of our products: lamels frame have guarantee - 10 years, guarantee of the product according to the legislation - 18 months. We have certified of our products according to the requirements of the furniture industry:
ISO 4414: 2005, A-91 SanPiN№6027

8. Office in Ukraine

Today everyone has an opportunity to become the owner of product SHIK GALICHINA because we have around 200 partners from all regions of Ukraine

9. Production and goods delivery

Term of production is 3 - 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the product. Delivery in Ukraine is free.

10. Ability to purchase of goods on various bases (Partner loyalty)

We understand and respect our partners, so there is always ready to support and grow your business, and it will facilitate the opportunity to purchase product on various bases, it can be non-cash payment, payment 50/50, full prepayment.

11. Bonus program. Special offers & Discounts (Partnership loyalty)

Our active marketing policy always will be serve reliable assistant in your business, and our regular discounts and promotions for end users will stimulate steady stream of your customers.

12. Promotional support (Partnership loyalty)

For a well promotion of the brand SHIK GALICHINA we take an active part - provide promotional products give advice for our partners in development of mass advertising campaigns, in off line and online market.

Every year SHIK GALICHINA takes part in furniture exhibitions and it makes greatly improves the strength of brand and confirms the status of upholstered furniture factory.

Awards and certificates

SHIK GALICHINA factory received recognition, and now our products are positioned as "The best products of Ukraine" and "Best furniture Ukraine", received the award for the best design solutions.


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