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Furniture is always in trend. Furniture business in Ukraine.


Furniture is always in trend, despite of the economic crisis, fashion, and buyers priorities. Furniture is a part of life when you spend time with your family or friends. You need a comfortable atmosphere, when you work, rest or take a photo. So we are producing beautiful and quality furniture for our client - For you.

What you must to consider before you will start your own furniture business?


1. You have to understand and analyzed the needs of buyers in your area.
2. Selecting your search criteria of the reliable manufacturer of soft furniture.
3. Search the most important source of income - a place traffic analysis.
4. Analysis of the financial capacity of potential customers, pricing.
5. 5. Concerted with partners your marketing plan

If you want to be successful in your business, you should love and to be competence what you do in furniture case:
The quality of material. Customers prefer furniture where frame consists of the hardwood ash, oak and hornbeam plywood, because these materials are durable, eco-friendly and safe for health.
Design. This is another factor that affects the sale. We must to learn and know what is in the trend which has demand and of course the most importantly - an opportunity to make a design that the customer will be prefer. This helps us modern Italian equipment.
Price. The main thing to decide with your target audience, but the best option - a wide range of products, to meet customer needs in his purchasing and capabilities.
Service. If you have the opportunity to choose individual size, choose the quality and color of the fabric, if you included free shipping, it will play all the positive emotions of the client, and the client happy - this is part of the "word of mouth" is your advertisement.
Guarantee. This is a guarantee of reliability and confidence in the future because it is better to sell quality furniture with appropriate price than selling low-quality cheap furniture that bring many problems and concerns.


If you understand the reasons which form the customer needs to buy furniture, you will be a successful businessman. You can find all the information about the problems faced by your customers, and based on that you can offer them better and make a deal.

Analysis of the reasons:


• Repair 42%
• Time to change old furniture 25%
• Re- design or complete changing of interior 21%
• Moving to a new house 12%


Selection of criteria to find a reliable manufacturer of soft furniture.

• Years of experience manufacturer indicates successful strategy and major investment in the future of the company. This reliability and stability deal.
• Professionalism command execution when a product is affecting the quality and design. See more production ...
• Power of brand, ambitions, development dynamics.

Location of your business. Take your time, research the area and have patience. If you have to change your schedule and push back the date of the store's opening, than do so. Waiting to find the perfect store location is better than just settling for the first place that comes along. The wrong location choice could be devastating to your business. Determine if the types of businesses nearby are compatible you're your store.

Price formation - a very important issue. It is the focus for all entrepreneurs who will buy and at what price? After you have to analyze your traffic and you will understand who that people are, what they do, where they work. If you have a wide range and you cooperate with factory furniture that took care of it, understanding and producing products for "Economy "and to "Premium" class. All you need - start to cooperate with the furniture factory "SHIK-GALICHINA" and we will confidently go to success together.

Marketing, Internet marketing, advertising, promotion, that's what is driven your sales, it is correct algorithms tested strategies is what turns a potential buyer into a loyal customer who brings you profit recommending you and your products. Marketing upholstered furniture factory "SHIK-GALICHINA" knows all about it and always happy to help you in business. See our contacts.

Do not forget about personal brand and reputation. It is desirable to be active, social and every year to improve its reputation, your personal brand, do good deeds, participate in charity, in general, an example for others and believe me, it's all a positive impact on your sales volume.

Why it`s profitable to do business with us


Whether you owner of a large business or a small furniture center - our offers clearly will interesting for you. And before we will begin introduction with our catalog, we will tell you why it is so beneficial to you: we describe why it is so beneficial for you:

We are always carefully Inspect a new trends and consider in different customers. This enables us to always be first in the field of design and originality furniture.
We use modern European technology, so the quality of our furniture - certainly ideal. We followed this level for 20 years.
We do produce plywood and slats, and materials and supplies - environmentally friendly and safe for health.
You will get a gorgeous opportunity in all this aspects.

The name of our company reflects directly proportional to the specific work:


SHIK stuffing;
Elegant furniture upholstery;
SHIK design, handrails, handles, backs, etc ..;
SHIK choice;
Luxurious quality;
Smart price on glamor sensation that does not leave the buyer of our furniture for many years.

Considering all these factors, we guarantee to you:


1. Stable Income
2. The demand for your products
3. The demand for your products
4. Advantageous partnership
5. Free samples of acquaintance and ability to create models of your choice.
Furniture factory "SHIK-GALICHINA" - all for luxury living and recreation!


Ideas, like a lot of opportunities, but it is important to act!



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