Production of upholstered furniture MF SHIK GALICHINA from A to Z:


We started from a small production, with a limited number of employees and machines 20 years ago. During this time we have become a full-fledged manufacturer of quality soft furniture and a reliable partner in the furniture industry. Every year the quantity of our partners increased. Today we have about 200 partners in each city in Ukraine.How we got this recognition?

  •  For 10 years we have created about 60 basic models. We improved the form, design and component parts of furniture from year to year;      
  •  Adhere to high standards of production and invest in technology specially to be the best in the furniture industry;
  •  We use eco-friendly materials from domestic production, as well as some other well-known international companies;
  •  We are manufacturing the most prestigious original design furniture at affordable price and always satisfy the most demanding tastes of any buyer.


Every customer wants to know for what he pays the money:


We are very friendly team and we are ready to show our furniture manufacturing for every client.


Materials: plywood production and carcass:


In manufacturing DSP and MDF furniture uses the toxic constituents, phenol, ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and dozen other substances. These materials can have harmful consequences for health: insomnia, headaches, and problems with the immune and respiratory tract. Frame for furniture made from softwood - Pine for example absorbs moisture quickly and deformed..

When we made furniture, our priority is not only design, and we are thinking about health of our clients. We recommend giving preference to products from precious wood, because the dense textures of fiber able withstand heavy loads. This wood is not deformed, is environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful substances, even after treatment.


2.Production of the plywood. We produce plywood by using hornbeam and beech. How it made?


 Cobblestones hornbeam boiled in special pools under 75 degrees C for about 5-7 days. After boiling, we cut hornbeam on thin layers of veneer, then we dry them in special chambers. After completion of the drying step, it is smeared with glue and put it under the pressure of 60 tons.





Our manufacturing plywood is made from hornbeam and beech, and it is considered the best, because it is solid wood with a very dense fiber. . This plywood is can withstand 2.5 times the load of birch ply and 10 times more load than particleboard and MDFand it indicates quality     assurance and reliability of our products.

Production of the carcass:


1.For the production of the carcass we use ash and oak. All defects (bumps, knots) in the board we cut out. After that,the frame will not warp,bend and withstand heavy loads;

2.We do the spikes on the strap, and a special lock milled, provides durability and reliability strips. 

We give guarantee on the frame of our production - 10 years! Enough for your health and recreation, is not it?


4. Treatment of the carcass:


The main advantagein modeling products  is the convenience of sitting – consider the height, depth and width of the seats in the design of furniture.It makes our furniture is universal for any client.

Depending on the design and the type of model we use different types of fillers with orthopedic effect:

  • We provided complete control during the production process lamels own production., They made only valuable tree with hornbeam and beech. This is the same efficient, does not creak.
  • Polyurethane. Environmentally friendly, flexible polyurethane foam - EL 22 and EL 28. EL 22 та EL 28, Making by Euro standards by special technical recipe on the modern German line It`s does not contain freon or other substance which lead to volume deformation, does not sag and quickly recovers its shape;
  • Synthetic fluff. Environmentally friendly and nontoxic filler ensure the most comfortable furniture. It looks like a spiral spring. Soft, light and volume, do not cause allergy and not absorb any foreign smell;
  • Non-woven fabric (polyester). Polyester treated silicone fiber providing special design flexibility.

Mechanisms for transformation:


Furniture of our production is universal for any purpose, rollaway, not rollaway, corner and any other of your choice.

Today, the production of upholstered bedroom furniture, we use the following mechanisms:

-          Sedaflex;

-          Meralat;

-          Millenium;

-          Recliner;

-          Dolphin;

-          Evrobook;

-          Accordion.

If you follow the simple rules of transformation mechanisms have not break down:

А) Rollaway Products in sleeping position without excessive force. New mechanism - after some time it "succumb" decomposition;

Б) Install the product on a flat floor to prevent the distortions. If the floor is uneven, do the substrate under the base of furniture;

В) Ask for counseling about the features of the transformation from a representative the factory. Periodically lubricate and tighten screw fittings, especially as you hear creaking. This is - normal for any machine, even the most quality.

Furniture lining:


SHIK GALICHINA uses the fabrics from leading European manufacturers of the world. All fabrics come from the US, Belgium, Turkey and have certificates of quality standard.

In the upholstery, we use the following types of fabrics:

-          Shenil;;

-          Velor;

-          Tapestry;

-          Jacquard;

-          Flock

-          Leatherette;

-          Leather.

These fabrics differ in the type of production, by their appearance, chemical composition and characteristics; they are all easy to clean by vacuuming, brush, soap and warm water.

Each option, upholstery is different because we use a variety of ways to cut seams and modern equipment from European partners. This ensures elegance and originality of our furniture.

Design (wood carving)


The highlight of our production is wood carving (rail, back, etc.) with Italian machines. We can create threads on any kind of difficulty! Rate these masterpieces of furniture you can in our catalog. .




  • Every stages of our furniture have the clear quality assurance. Complete passing laboratory testing for the strength durability and environmental cleanliness and have all the regulatory requirements of the Ukrainian Institute of furniture and sanitary standards.
  • Available 18-month guaranty for our products in case of observance the exploitation rules transport and storage.
  • All original furniture of our factory has logo tag SHIK GALICHINA.

If you do not find enough information, we are always happy to communicate with you by phone or email.

Relax and be SHIK with MF SHIK GALICHINA!








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