5. Dolfin

"Dolphin" - is the most common "family" model. Is the best choice for lobby or bedroom on the corner location. It is the only system of transformation with a corner box for bed linen.

Follow the way of transforming the sofa into a sleeping place:

- Extracted base sofa (on wheels);
- Inside the foundations is located soft part. For the loop is pulled on top the base. The second bedroom part - is seat of the sofa;
- Full metal body type of rail is particularly strength and accuracy.

The advantages of the "Dolfin" mechanism transformation:

- Lots of places;
- One of the easiest ways of transformation (easy to make a sleeper place);
- Sleeper place always equal and tight;
- Withstands heavy loads;
- Suitable for continuous using;
- The box for bed linen in the angular models.

If you want a long time served of "Dolfin" mechanism, please follow a few rules:

- Drafting of the mechanism with bed linen deforms the frame;

- If there are scratches in the process of use, please lubricate the friction surface of graphite grease or with oil technical.

Please, follow these simple rules of use, you will have 18 months guarantee on this mechanism and soft furnishings.




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