3. Meralat

Meralat - is the best idea of the guest sleeping place. This transformation mechanism sofa is easy to use and is one of the more compact versions sofa beds. "Meralat" do not have any box for bed linen because the whole structure of transformation is inside.

Follow the way of transforming the sofa into a sleeping place:

- Take away the seat pillows;
- Metal frame extends up and over. Unlike the "Millennium" mechanism this fixed on the metal support;
- Mattress (height 60 mm) transforming in completely form.

The advantages of the "Meralat" mechanism of transformation:

- More pieces of lamels;
- Takes up little space when is folded;
- Do not spoil the floor;
- Easily folded and unfolded (is lighter mechanism because a thin mattress);;
- The perfect bed for your guests.

If you want a long time served of "Meralat" mechanism, you must please follow a few rules:

- Maximum load per the point of basis - not more than 60 kg, in the unfolded form - not more than 30 kg;

- Drafting of the mechanism with bed linen deforms the frame;

- If there are scratches in the process of use, please lubricate the friction surface of graphite grease or with technical oil .

Please, follow these simple rules of use, you will have 18 months guarantee of on this mechanism included with soft furnishings.


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