1. Millennium

Strong metal frame is all reclining place, and on this attached armrest the back and front seat.

All reclining seat - it is attached to the arms, the back wall and front side:

Mechanism of transformation "Millennium" and their benefits:

- Possible to accommodate of thick mattress that is usually cannot always be in others rollaway mechanisms;
- Sleeper always equal and tight;
- No need to remove pillows and armrests for transformation of the sofa;
Great idea for everyday use.

If you want a long time served of "Millennium" mechanism, please follow a few rules:

- Maximum load per the point of basis - not more than 60 kg, in the unfolded form - not more than 30 kg;

- Drafting of the mechanism with bed linen deforms the frame;

- If there are scratches in the process of use, please lubricate the friction surface of graphite grease or with oil technical.

Please, follow these simple rules of use, you will have 18 months guarantee of on this mechanism included with soft furnishings.


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