4. Recliner

If you ever wanted to sleep in a chair and did not wake up from discomfort - Recliner is what you need. Recliner - a mechanism for transforming the chair, which has long been used for ships and air show in 1st class.

The method of transformation seats is as follows:

- The back has an angle of 100 °, footrest not raised. The format of comfortable chair;
- The back has an angle of 110 °, footrest - raised. The format of seats specifically for viewing movies or TV;
- The back has an angle of 135-145 °, seat - raised, footrest lifted completely. The format of this seat have ideal for a short vacation.


- This mechanism is easily for transformation and changing position;
- Your back and legs are optimally with correct and healthy position in any format armchairs;
- The quality of the upholstery is very high (in most cases - leather), which guarantees a long and pleasant use.

Please, follow these simple rules of use, you will have 18 months guarantee on this mechanism included with soft furnishings.


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