The most classic version of flooring is parquet. Parquet is a bar glued with ridges and grooves, which consists of plywood lined with wooden slats on both sides.

This floor is appreciated for robust performance, as well as oak, cherry and ash having sufficient hardness and resistance to moisture. Parquet board has a good texture and a wide range of shades.

Oak is the most common material for flooring. It is durable and beautiful, has a strong structure and ideal for flooring as practically does not change the level of humidity.Cherry - Various structure of wood, strongly pronounced diversity of shades.

The floor is covered with parquet lacquer Italian manufacturer SIRKA.

Galicia Prestige offers floorboard that can meet the needs of the most demanding consumer. Here you can buy floorboard these varieties:

  • Parquet flooring - Oak;
  • Parquet flooring - Oak American;
  • Parquet flooring - Cherry.
  • floorboard can order following sizes:

  • 400x125x14;
  • 490x125x14;
  • 1000x125x14
  • The cross-section flooring and size

    Table 1
    Indicator Nominal size mm Maximum deviation mm
    Thickness of wear3,0±0,5
    Height groove8,0+0,2
    thickness crest7,0-0,2
    The depth of the groove17+0,3
    width of the ridge17-0,3
    Bevel faces by wearing thick layer45º±30'

    allowed to produce other sizes flooring manufacturer in agreement with the consumer.

    Every client wants to know what pays the money. We - frank and happy to show you the production of wood flooring.

    plywood we produce hornbeam and beech. How does it work? Cobblestones hornbeam vidvaryuyutsya in special basins at a temperature of 75 degrees for 5-7 days. After cooking hornbeam cut into thin veneer sloyi which is dried in special chambers. Following drying smeared it with glue and press falls under the weight of 60 tons.


  • parquet recommended for screed humidity no higher than the humidity of parquet;
  • before installing flooring screed recommend cover "Unihruntom";
  • for greater reliability under parquet recommend nastelyaty waterproof plywood;
  • installing parquet between a wall and parquet flooring edges leave a gap of at least 20 mm, which can later be zapinyty;
  • expose lacquered surface from damage;
  • With the resumption of the lacquer coating varnish use specified in the passport.
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