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Congratulations! You have chosen CHIC GALICHINA furniture. To make sure it stays beautiful and retains its value for many years, please follow the instructions below on handling, cleaning and caring for your furniture.


Tapestry fabrics: washable at 40 ° C, dry cleaning, do not bleach; do not scrape away the dried spots or agglutinate pile material! Stains can be removed using a sponge with soap suds, getting wet dry cloth.
Chenille and velour: easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner and, if necessary, cleaning agents at a water temperature of 60 degrees with a soft brush or sponge, as a way of wet processing; always carry out the final treatment in the direction of the material’s nap. Use a cloth or soft brush to stand any flattened fibres up again. Do not use the furniture again until it is completely dry.
 Jacquards: easily cleaned with detergents, chlorine-free at 30 ° C - 40 ° C. After the cleaning is necessary to restore the direction of the pile brush;
Ecological leather (imitation leather) - upholstery, which is due to a special coating technology and production simulates natural leather. Despite the high rates of resistance to all types of pressures care fabrics that simulate skin identical with natural skin care .You can even use tools containing alcohol, and this fabric does not require constant care Special care products.
Flock - can be cleaned with a special water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Do not wet too. Do not use cleaning compositions, without the alcohol as in this case, it may be dissolved in the adhesive based cloth. For restoration lint-free cloth you should comb by brush;
A means for removing stains to be used in small quantities. Pour a small amount of funds for a piece of soft tissue and clean of dirt in the direction from the edge to the center spot. Never apply the tool displays a spot directly on the surface of the upholstery fabric. Cover the wooden elements of furniture. Never use various tools at the same time. REMEMBER! If for any reason you cannot get advice manufacturer, test the cleaning method you want to use in a discreet place first.


Here you can find information and tips about how to remove nasty spots, if it had emerged on the furniture.


 You have to to grind the wax and use a vacuum cleaner. Cover with the remaining spot absorbent paper and use an iron. Iron must be set on the first line (the minimum temperature). Dry the excess liquid.
 Spray with coolant spray and crumble. Ask a professional if necessary.
Wash with a mild soap and dry contaminated surface excess of moisture.
Wash the stain of beer with a mild soap and dry the excess moisture. Then apply a solution of vinegar (2 tablespoons white vinegar to 1 quart of water). When it dries, rinse with clean water and dry.
 Dab with а cold water. Re-treat with а mild detergent solution (foam) if necessary (see drinks stains).
Make up a tepid solution of mild detergent (foam), apply with a white cloth and dab.
 On the spot of fruit juice apply the solution of a mixture of 1/1 of ammonia and vinegar and dry.
Jam: Apply a mild soap solution with a small amount of vinegar and dry. Rinse with clean water and dry.
 Red wine: Immediately dab the liquid. Then sprinkle the wet spot with salt. After the salt will absorb the wine spot has dried, clean cloth or vacuum cleaner.
White wine: Wash a solution of methanol and water and pat dry. Then again, rinse with a solution of mild soap and water and dry.
Protect your new piece of furniture against intense sunlight. This way, it will retain its original color for longer. • Remove everyday soiling such as dust and contact marks regularly. Regular cleaning is more important the lighter the color of the furniture. • Position leather furniture at a sufficient distance from heat sources. The leather will last longer and retain its typical texture.


How to care about a natural leather couch?

If you want to keep the natural color of natural leather you need to take care of your leather couch from direct sunlight. Protect your new piece of furniture against intense sunlight. This way, it will retain its original color for longer.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the larger debris, then wipe all over with a clean, soft cloth. This ensures that dust and dirt will not be pressed into the leather as you continue the cleaning process. When using the vacuum, be careful not to scratch the leather with the plastic cleaning attachments.
Any spilled liquid should be immediately removed from the light movements, so that moisture is absorbed into the leather. Never rub the same spot too much for removing spots, because the pores are closed and formed on the surface shiny trail. ATTENTION Any aggressive substances (nail polish remover, gasoline, etc.) in contact with leather destroys the upper protective layer and may cause discoloration of the loss of elastic properties of the upholstery (which could eventually lead to breakthroughs), peeling patent leather and have other uncorrectable consequences. Types of stains and cleaning the aniline and semi-aniline leather upholstery.
;Stain from the any liquid: After contact with the upholstery liquid of any kind, immediately wet a soft damp cloth or sponge. If there was a spot, gently wipe the area with a soft, damp cloth or sponge with warm soapy water, and then - dry woolen cloth .Do not use the furniture again until it is completely dry. Remove stains while they are fresh. A dry stain is always more difficult to remove.
;Animal and vegetable oils and fats: Remove the rests of animal (vegetable) oil or grease with a clean dry cloth. The residue was absorbed fat into the skin. Do not use for removing grease stains water.
;Dip a cotton swab in rubbing (Isoprophl) alcohol and rub over the ink stain. Dry with a blow dryer set on its lowest setting.
Should be avoided: varnish, oils, abrasive cleaner, ammonia water or any other chemical solutions.


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