Corner sofa Dan – ONLY positive emotions. A combination of good rest and style. Two words about are practicality and functionality. The comfortable angular design of the sofa allows you to effectively use the space of the room. A spacious bed, as well as built-in shelves, are formed during decomposition. A full-sized box for storing bedding is also provided.



ШИК Галичина Spartacus st., 15c, Town of Husiatyn, Ternopil region Ukraine 48201

Service manager

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Sales manager

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Sales manager

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Sales manager

Lyubov Kozak 067-944-93-32

Manager of plywood products and lamellas

Oleksandr Doroshak 098-506-61-71

Manager of plywood products and lamellas

Ivan Syrotiuk 067-659-13-00

Service manager. Sales manager of fuel briquettes and glue products

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Supply manager (components)

Petro Haydash 097-608-73-86