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The furniture factory

The history of the furniture factory “Shik-Halychyna” dates back to 1995. At first it was a small furniture studio – with limited production and staffing. For almost 20 years, we have become a full-fledged manufacturer of high-quality soft furniture and a reliable partner in the furniture business, because today in Ukraine we have about 200 partners in each city, and this figure is constantly increasing.

The main leverage in achieving each goal was and is the matching of the name of the factory – CHIC. We have provided training for our staff, introduced modern production technologies, improved sewing techniques and tools. We tested every product ourselves, until they reached a level that I would like to be proud of.


Typically, for the manufacture of the frame and small elements of the assembly, the chipboard and the fiberboard, which becomes noticeable in case of indoor temperature variations, test weight, with the active use of the soft and the content part, are used.


We have abandoned this production to create a product base that is distinguished by the highest quality:

  • we only use hardwood (oak, ash) to create a framework;
  • dry materials only with our own drying chambers;
  • we produce plywood from optimally dried hornbeam veneer,
  • removing the knots from the boards and replacing them with a thumb fitting, which increases the strength of the wood several times;
  • we use the block- springs of high-quality metals and component parts (staples, curtains, outboard mechanisms, etc.) only those partners eriv whose quality has been tested personally;
  • healthy sleep and relaxation provide via mattresses “Galicia Prestige”, which guarantee easy expansion, anatomical and orthopedic effect over many years of operation. These same qualities are complemented by high-quality, dense latex, memory material effect, moisture-resistant coconut coir. We also use innovative spring blocks “Pocket Spring”, “Multi Zone Spring”. Each of these elements is an environmentally friendly product.

We also have a good attitude to the quality of sheeting and fabrics. To date, you can appreciate the following benefits of our product appearance:

  • nice, soft, beautiful fabric. All fabrics come from the USA, Belgium, Turkey and possess certificates of quality standard. If you order leather furniture, we use material from our partners from Italy,
  • the original design and style of sewing. With the help of modern equipment and design specialists, we actively combine both traditional and modern sewing techniques, experimenting with different types of fabrics. These stitches are not divergent, they are not stitched, look interesting and beautiful;
  • the finished image of furniture with wooden fittings of its own production. These details are made in a variety of types and forms on the modern equipment of the factory. Coloring the fittings is done with environmentally friendly dyes.

The furniture factory “SHIK-Galichina” is a guaranteed opportunity for rest and health. An inspection of each stage of production is carried out by an experienced specialist of this profile. This is how we ensure the quality of our furniture. It’s time to embody dreams in reality! Call and order a chic life today!


The goal of the “Chic Halychyna” MF is to produce comfortable, functional and environmentally friendly upholstered furniture, the design of which will complement any home, while the wide range and price range of the Premium, Comfort and Economy segments will allow you to satisfy any needs of the client.

Reputation and strength of the brand

The factory of upholstered furniture was founded in 1995, and over the years we have become a professional fast-growing team that cares about the comfort of your home. Today, the brand is positioned as a manufacturer of high quality and affordable upholstered furniture, which is eagerly recommended throughout Ukraine.ють по всій Україні.

Own production of environmentally friendly materials

The factory manufactures and controls the entire technological process of plywood and lamellae from hardwood hornbeam and beech, which have a dense fiber texture that can withstand 2.5 times more load than birch plywood and 10 times more load than chipboard and fiberboard. Lamellae are also made from valuable species of wood, characterized by resistance, durability which, in contrast to the usual spring snake, is not creaky.

Own production of

We care about people's health, and have developed new orthopedic mattresses for the whole family, which includes innovative materials. In order for the rest to be as comfortable as possible, the factory has developed slab frames with the mechanisms of "Relax", which significantly increase the life of the mattress.

Technological process

The factory uses the best Italian technique that allows you to perform threads of any complexity, which plays an important role in shaping the unique design of the product.

Wide range

The factory focuses on the production of upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, beds, pouffes), which are divided into 5 collections, ideally suited for different segments of people with different flavors and financial capabilities.

Update lineup

We follow fashion trends, and every year, on the basis of research, we develop and update all model series that fully meet the requirements of our customers and undoubtedly enjoy the crazy demand.

Warranty and Certification

We are confident in the quality of our products, therefore, the guarantee on the frame is 10 years, according to the law - 18 months, according to the law, our products also have a quality certificate in accordance with the requirements of the furniture industry: DSTU 4414: 2005, SanPiN # 6027 A-91

Representation in Ukraine

Today everyone who has the opportunity to become the owner of products "Shik Galicia", because we have about 500 partners all over Ukraine.

Manufacturing and delivery of goods

The term of the product is 3 - 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the product.

Possibility of purchasing goods on different conditions (Affiliate loyalty)

We understand and respect our partners, therefore, we are always ready to support and develop your business, and this will be facilitated by the possibility to purchase goods on different terms, such as a cashless exhibition, 50/50 payment, or a full prepayment.

Bonus program. Promotions and Discounts (Affiliate Loyalty)

Our active marketing policies will always serve you as a reliable helper in your business, and discounts and promotions for end users will stimulate a steady stream of customers.

Promotional support (Affiliate loyalty)

To promote the brand of the factory of upholstered furniture "Shik Galicia", we provide partners with promotional products, give advice and take an active part in the development of massive advertising campaigns, both online and online.

Awards and Certificates


ШИК Галичина Spartacus st., 15c, Town of Husiatyn, Ternopil region Ukraine 48201


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