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Here you will find answers to questions on the care and cleaning of furniture

Quick action – the best protection against inevitable contamination. Spot removal agents should be used in small quantities. Pour a small amount of this product into a piece of soft cloth and clean the dirt from the edge of the stain to the center. Never apply a stain removing agent directly to the surface of the upholstery fabric. Close wooden items that are close to the spot. Never use different tools at the same time. If for any reason you can not get the manufacturer’s advice, we recommend taking a piece of cloth and testing it separately for cleaning. If no negative changes have occurred due to these actions, this tool can be used to clean the entire product.

How to take care of a sofa from genuine leather

How to save the color of the sofa?

If you want to preserve the natural color of genuine leather, you need to protect your leather sofa from direct sunlight.

How to protect yourself from dust?

Wipe the dust from the skin with a soft cloth. If necessary, you can polish the skin with a piece of natural suede using special tools that you can buy from the skin manufacturer. Never polish one and the same place too much.

How to remove oily spots?

Remove residues of animal (vegetable) oil or grease with clean dry cloth. The residual fat is absorbed into the skin. Do not use water to remove greasy stains

How to remove ink spots?

In order to remove the ballpoint paste, it is necessary to use a tool recommended by the manufacturers of furniture, or a washing solution (20 g soap per 1 liter of distilled water)

How to get rid of spots from liquids?

If you get on the upholstery of any liquid, immediately get wet with a damp, soft cloth or sponge. If a stain appears, gently rub the contaminated place with a soft damp cloth or sponge with warm soapy water and then dry woolen cloth. Do not use furniture until the skin is completely dry.

How to remove upholstered furniture with different upholstery fabrics

How to clear a sofa from tapestries?

Washing at 40 C, dry cleaning, do not bleach.

Do not stained dry spots or stuck pile material!

Spills can be removed with a foam rubber sponge with a soap foam, soaked with a dry cloth.

How to clear a sofa from a velor, chenille?

Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner and, if necessary, detergents at a water temperature of 60 with a soft brush or sponge, a damp treatment.

How to clear a sofa from a jacquard?

It is easy to clean with detergents that do not contain chlorine at a temperature of 30 С - 40 C. After cleaning, it is necessary to restore the direction of the nap with a brush.

How to clean a sofa from leatherette?

Despite the high levels of resistance to all types of loads, care for tissues that imitate the skin should be carried out in the same way as for genuine leather. The only difference is that cleaning may involve the use of alcohol-containing agents, and this tissue does not require constant care by special means.

How to remove a sofa from the flock?

Flocs - well cleaned with special water-based shampoos or foam cleaners for cleaning upholstery materials.

Do not moisturize excessively. It is forbidden to use alcohol-based cleaning compounds because in this case tissue-based adhesive may dissolve.

To restore the voidness of the fabric, it must be combed with a brush.

How to clean up the upholstered furniture from different kinds of stains

How to clean the sofa from the bark?

Dry candle wax must be ground and collected by vacuum vacuum cleaner. Cover the remaining stain with a blotting paper. The iron should be placed on the first partition (minimum temperature). Dry excess liquid.

How to clean a sofa from a chewing gum?

Cover the chewing gum with bits, ice (in a plastic bag) and screw it in a dense object in 5 minutes. Apply methyl alcohol to the spot and dry it with a patting.

How to get rid of spots from coffee on the couch?

Put a soapy soap on the contaminated surface and dry excess moisture.

How to remove a spot from the beer on the couch?

Put a soapy soap on the contaminated surface and dry excess moisture. Then apply a solution of vinegar (2 tablespoons white vinegar to 1 liter of water). When it dries, rinse it clean

How to clear the blood from the couch?

Remove the stain with cold water.

How to clear a sofa from chocolate?

Clean the stain and rinse with warm soapy water. Dry excess moisture.

How to remove spots of juice on the couch?

A solution of 1/1 mixture of ammonia and vinegar and dry

How to remove ink from the couch?

Put the stain in a soft soap and dry. Rinse with clean water and dry.

How to remove spots from jam on the couch?

Apply a solution of mild soap with a little vinegar and dry. Rinse with clean water and dry.

How to clear a sofa from red wine?

Immediately wet the liquid. Then pour a wet stain with salt. After salt has absorbed the wine and the stain is dry, clean with a cloth or vacuum cleaner

How to get rid of white wine spots?

Rinse with ¾ of methyl alcohol and ¼ of water to dry. Rinse again with a soft soap solution with water and dry.

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