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Sofas in the living room interior

Sofa is a living room center. It hosts guests for conversations, family members - for watching TV or games. The sofa should be not only comfortable, but also attractive to complement and harmoniously emphasize the interior of the living room. Semi-circular sofa The kind of corner sofa is a semicircular ...

20 February 2019

Choosing furniture for the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important comfort zones in every home. Bedroom furniture should be not only comfortable and functional, but also aesthetically appealing. The world-renowned designers annually surprise us with the latest design solutions for the interior of the house. Thanks to a wide choice of options ...

19 February 2019

Spring and springless sofas, which sofa to buy and what are their benefits

A modern buyer of upholstered furniture has become difficult to lure with one bright upholstery sofa: he needs to know what is inside him - and this desire is well grounded. The demand for quality furniture is increasing, therefore, more and more people are well versed in what differs the ...

6 February 2019

Interior in the style of loft: characteristic features

There are a lot of interior styles, and loft is one of the most popular and trendy ones. The concept of style can be formulated approximately so: "minimum walls, maximum space." Andy Warhol's idea is based on the style. It was the creator of pop art for the first time ...

5 February 2019

Restoration of upholstered furniture – a renewal for your favorite things

Upholstered furniture - the best option for an office, a medical facility or a home (living rooms, bedrooms). Furniture with a modern type of sheathing, stylish coloring - will necessarily attract the attention of guests and partners. This will allow you to create a win-winch appearance of the room, as ...

30 January 2019

How to choose a bed in the bedroom so that the sleep was strong and healthy

Choosing a bed is an important stage in the arrangement of a bedroom. Here, a person spends the third part of his life, and lovers even sleep more. From what kind of bed you choose, the quality of your sleep depends. The size and shape are important When choosing length, ...

15 January 2019

Creative in the interior: hanging beds for all occasions

The bed is the main part of the bedroom, and a lot of it depends on it. And its construction can radically change the design of the bedroom. For example, the original solution is the pillowcase. They are fixed to the ceiling and walls, so there are no legs at ...

26 December 2018

Choosing a bed for a teenager

The youth bed should be comfortable, practical, and taking into account the nature of the child and the arrangement of his room. The bed with boxes is a great idea for a child of all ages. Boxes can be used differently. It can be a bookbag, if not placed on ...

19 December 2018

Production of upholstered furniture that you can not dream about

If you are looking for cozy and high-quality furniture, then you hit exactly where you want it! The furniture factory "Shik Halychyna" can be found on any furniture taste! We offer a collection of upholstered furniture, in which you will find sofas, armchairs, beds to any decor and in any room.

For conservatives and lovers of restrained style we offer a collection of leather sofas "Classic". Everyone will find something for themselves among the various and stylish sofas of the "Modern" collection. And the double beds from the Amur collection are a combination of comfort and sophisticated taste of the best designers. Upholstered furniture is made of the finest expensive materials (Phanerie, and oak and ash boards), and the quality and original upholstery will not leave anyone indifferent.

You can choose furniture for your home or office interior, and our consultants will advise and help you to decide on the choice!

If you are interested in a collection of soft furniture and the price and availability, call the number that we have on the site. We guarantee long years of furniture service, they will please you with comfort and comfort, without looking at anything! After all, the furniture factory "Shik Galicia" is a company with twenty years of experience and the best specialists!



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