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Very best Furniture- upholstered furniture from the manufacturer “Shik Galichina”

In nowadays fast-paced society all we need is finding the balance between everyday things: sleep, relationships, relaxation and hobbies.

After hard-working day, all of us want just to lie down on soft, cozy and comfortable bed, for our tomorrow to be brighter.

Just try to imagine! Weekend,  your  desire  to spend all day long with nearest and dearest, with warm talks, positive thoughts and completely relaxing atmosphere.

We set ourselves the goal of creating such products, with which the joys of real life do not disappear in everyday life. On the contrary, this everyday life becomes bright, pleasant, unforgettable.

Today, the production of upholstered furniture is an extremely complicated process, because manufacturers are many and the quality of each one is different. Our highlight is that we use modern Italian technology and at all stages of the production of furniture are subject to high quality control. This shows the team's professionalism and your confidence in our products.

Browse the catalog right now. With only one review of our catalog guaranteed you can get aesthetic pleasure. And here it is not even convenient navigation, beautiful icons and high-quality photos - we just do our work well and you have every second to buy any furniture from our factory, which can be enjoyed daily, for at least ten years!

We follow fashion trends in the furniture market and always take into account the tastes of our customers. Since the design of classical sofas involves professional designers from Italy, each position is individual and unique.

We manufacture the most up-to-date furniture in Ukraine in all styles, but our classic models are always in the win.

We are a producer of upholstered furniture, which guarantees the high quality of our products, because we are manufacturers of plywood and lamellae - the foundation of furniture quality. All raw materials and materials are environmentally friendly and absolutely not harmful to health.



ШИК Галичина Spartacus st., 15c, Town of Husiatyn, Ternopil region Ukraine 48201


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Sales manager

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Sales manager

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Sales manager

Lyubov 067-944-93-32

Manager of plywood products and lamellas

Vasyl 098-506-61-71

Manager of plywood products

Ivan 067-659-13-00

Service manager (plywood production)

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Supply manager (components)

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Recruitment manager

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