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Buy or not to buy: Do you need an armchair in the house?

Upholstered furniture in the house is always a comfort. On the couch you can arrange family evenings or sleep at least every day. Then there are doubts: Do you need a soft armchair in the house or it just will take a place? If you clearly understand why you need ...

11 December 2018

Buying a sofa, which mechanism of transformation to choose

Types of mechanisms for decomposing sofas characteristics, pluses and minuses. Today the market of upholstered furniture is represented by a wide variety of sofas of all shapes and sizes. In addition, the sofas differ in type of decomposition. There are many types of softening so far, but we will consider ...

3 December 2018

Correct care for upholstered furniture

Care for furniture Updating the interior in an apartment, house or office is always nice. The new setting enhances the mood and gives the charge of positive feelings. Although there is a "but" here, for example, it should be borne in mind that the upholstered furniture requires special care, otherwise ...

29 November 2018

What is a better sofa or bed, and what to choose?

Sofa is the main component of any interior. It is from the quality of the soft part of the dwelling that the first impression of the taste and the status of the owner is formed. Today, you can see many variations of stylish soft sofas, which harmoniously combine super-modern mechanism ...

20 November 2018

How to choose a comfortable, safe and practical crib?

Material for making a baby crib. The first thing to look for when choosing a crib is the material from which it is made. Of course, it should be natural and breathable, and all these qualities are inherent in the tree. But not always at first glance, it is possible ...

9 November 2018

Armchair bag in the modern interior

There is no doubt at all that the seat bags are very practical and comfortable. Sitting in them, we can completely relax and relax. This is a great alternative to a regular armchair or sofa. They are light and mobile, they can be carried out even on the street or ...

5 November 2018

Non-standard upholstered furniture in the interior

Frameless furniture An armchair that can be taken in one hand and easily transferred to another corner of the house. It's about frameless furniture, the names can be found in a lot: pouf, chair-bag, chair-pear. Frameless furniture make any interior informal. They are stylish and modern, appeared relatively recently - ...

19 September 2018

Production of upholstered furniture that you can not dream about

If you are looking for cozy and high-quality furniture, then you hit exactly where you want it! The furniture factory "Shik Halychyna" can be found on any furniture taste! We offer a collection of upholstered furniture, in which you will find sofas, armchairs, beds to any decor and in any room.

For conservatives and lovers of restrained style we offer a collection of leather sofas "Classic". Everyone will find something for themselves among the various and stylish sofas of the "Modern" collection. And the double beds from the Amur collection are a combination of comfort and sophisticated taste of the best designers. Upholstered furniture is made of the finest expensive materials (Phanerie, and oak and ash boards), and the quality and original upholstery will not leave anyone indifferent.

You can choose furniture for your home or office interior, and our consultants will advise and help you to decide on the choice!

If you are interested in a collection of soft furniture and the price and availability, call the number that we have on the site. We guarantee long years of furniture service, they will please you with comfort and comfort, without looking at anything! After all, the furniture factory "Shik Galicia" is a company with twenty years of experience and the best specialists!



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