How to choose a comfortable, safe and practical crib?

Material for making a baby crib.

The first thing to look for when choosing a crib is the material from which it is made. Of course, it should be natural and breathable, and all these qualities are inherent in the tree. But not always at first glance, it is possible to determine from what made the bed. Many manufacturers make furniture “under the tree”, so find out from the seller what they are. After determining the material, be sure to clarify the composition of the treated wood, how much it is safe for the child. If necessary, you can ask for a hygienic certificate.

It is also important to know which type of wood is made of a crib. The most durable material for the production of children’s furniture – beech. There is practically no damage to it. Equally hard and often used material – birch tree. Furniture from beech and birch will cost parents significantly more than a pillow crib, for it is much softer; hitting toys and teeth of your baby will leave visible traces on such furniture.

Types of beds, their functions and safety.

Probably you have often wondered what the cribs of pendulum crib or pendulum swing from the longitudinal swing, which bed is better, can better buy a transformer bed? So let’s put together these types of cribs “in parts”:

The swing-chair is a classic crib, equipped with swinging slides, in some cribs there is a wheel for the convenience of moving around the room, if necessary, they are removed.

Swing-beds are not equipped with wheels, so they are difficult to move. But from the point of view of functions and rolling – this is the most comfortable bed. Pendulum crib may be with a transverse or longitudinal swing mechanism. This means that the bed swings either across or along your baby’s body. Imagine this, and when choosing where to put the bed, consider the distance from both sides with a stock of 7-10 cm (Side, if it is a transverse swing or along, if it is a longitudinal rotation). Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the pendulum should have a mechanism that will block the movement of the pendulum, otherwise a toddler will be able to rotate the crib itself and turn over.

Swing-beds and pendulum beds are available with or without a drawer. The presence of a box under the bed is very convenient, since all the necessary things for the baby are at hand and in a specially designated place. Just keep in mind that too low the box makes it difficult to clean it under it, and dust will accumulate in this place – it can lead to allergic diseases.

Many parents prefer beds transformers, such a bed is very convenient, it takes less space, because its design combines a dresser for dressing and things baby, a crib and drawers at the bottom of the crib for children’s accessories, thus you have no need to buy Separately a chest of drawers that takes up a lot of space. In addition, when a child grows up, you can easily transform the bed-transformer into a teenage bed. To do this, remove the chest of drawers and the side walls of the crib.

When choosing a baby crib pay attention to the bed. It should be racket, not solid. In toddlers with a solid bottom, there is a high risk of fungal growth, as it is not always possible to dry the mattress. A height-adjustable bed is a very comfortable function of a baby crib. With lifted bed, it’s easier for mom to put in a crib and take a sleeping baby. For a baby who has grown up and difficult to sit in place, on the contrary, the bed should be lowered, that he himself would not be able to climb over the railing. Similarly, virtually all cots are equipped with a height-adjustable side wall, which is fixed by a lock, inaccessible to the baby. The sidewall is completely removed and the crib is used as a sofa for the child up to 3 years of age.

One of the most important safety conditions for a baby cot is the lack of sharp corners. So remember how you would not like to buy a beautiful carved crib, for a child it is better to choose a simple and sturdy bed with streamlined forms. Also, pay attention to the distance between the bars of the side walls, they should not exceed 5-6 cm. In this case, between the rods do not stuck knobs, legs and head of the child.

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