Correct care for upholstered furniture

Care for furniture

Updating the interior in an apartment, house or office is always nice. The new setting enhances the mood and gives the charge of positive feelings. Although there is a “but” here, for example, it should be borne in mind that the upholstered furniture requires special care, otherwise they will quickly fade and will deliver more inconvenience than positive emotions. But if you follow the tips below, you can avoid negative consequences.

Correct care for upholstered furniture

One of the most common types of upholstered furniture is the sofa. He is present in virtually every apartment or office and has several advantages that can be reduced to nothing if he is not properly looked after.

Get rid of dust

The most unpleasant and widespread problem of upholstered furniture – dust, especially this applies to products that have fabric upholstery. Impregnating through a cloth dust is absorbed by the filler, and then, during operation, is released into the air which can cause unpleasant sensations. That is why the upholstered furniture with fabric upholstery, most often, is contraindicated for allergy sufferers. Moreover, settling down on the furniture dust can quite spoil the appearance of the couch, distorting the color and appearance, it can even give the new product a form of “grandmother’s inheritance.” To avoid such unpleasant things you need to deal with dust in a timely manner. First, it is necessary to regularly carry out wet cleaning in the room, thereby preventing accumulation of dust in the air. Secondly, it is necessary to clean the furniture with fabric upholstery on a fabric basis regularly and thoroughly. If at hand there is no vacuum cleaner or the upholstery is made of leather or leather, it will be enough to rub them with a damp cloth.

Stains cleaning

Spots – this is truly “unpleasant trouble”, especially when it comes to sofas with fabric upholstery. First, they can nullify the charm of a new sofa or armchair. And even a small, first-time, invisible spot can greatly spoil the mood. If you dip it, and then rinse it thoroughly, the problem is really serious. Of course, you can put furniture in dry-cleaner and do not worry about trifles, but whoever has such an opportunity, and therefore have to look for other ways out of this situation.

Modern technologies give us a huge selection of different means for stain removal: expensive and cheap, imported and domestic, for fabrics and for the skin. Therefore, finding the right remedy will not make any difficulty, but preparation for cleaning will take much more time. Before dealing with the removal of stains, you need to carefully vacuum the sofa to avoid the appearance of breaks. They are formed due to the presence of dust in the upholstery and the top layers of the filler. But this applies only to sofas, which serve about a year or more, because new products do not reach the concentration of dust in critical volumes. After removing the dust, it is possible to proceed directly to the removal of the spots, performing a series of actions indicated in the instructions to the selected tool.

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