Sofas in the living room interior

Sofa is a living room center. It hosts guests for conversations, family members – for watching TV or games. The sofa should be not only comfortable, but also attractive to complement and harmoniously emphasize the interior of the living room.

Semi-circular sofa

The kind of corner sofa is a semicircular model with no sharp edges. It is no less functional than its predecessor, while it looks more unconventional and noticeable that it can become a highlight of the modern interior of the living room. A semi-circular sofa can be placed in front of a home theater or fireplace, making it the center of the composition. To make this model look in the living room harmoniously, repeat the semicircular line again in the interior, and the sofa will not look like a “white crow” among the sharp corners. If you do not want to experiment, then place the sofa near the wall or in the corner using the traditional method.

For a spacious living room

To begin with, you need to determine the size of the room. If the area of ​​the living room is large enough, then a respectable sofa of the appropriate dimensions will be appropriate. Pay attention to the corner model: it smoothes the corners of the room and is suitable for spacious rooms. Most corner sofas are equipped with various additions, for example, a table, a stand and even a mini-bar. It is difficult to imagine more suitable furniture in the living room for a large family and for those who like to host guests.
Another option for spacious living rooms – two sofas of small sizes. They can be placed one against each other, if you adhere to the principle of symmetry when placing furniture. Especially often such placement is used in the living room of the classical style. Or you can put them in the letter “G”, simulating the corner sofa. It is not necessary to put the sofas close to the wall, in the case of a spacious living room, the sofas will look more original in the middle of the room. But this option is suitable only for those who have no shortage of free space. Do not forget to leave an area of ​​1-1,5 meters on the passage.

For a small living room

For the living room of modest size choose the same miniature sofas. An important match: in a small room, a bulky sofa will not look like a place, and, besides, it will take extra space that can be used more rationally. Small sofas are also not deprived of functions: a sofa for the living room will be useful during long visits of friends, in addition, it is convenient to have a sofa with compartments for storing bed linen. One more secret reception for small rooms is a furniture of light shades. Classic white, tender beige, pink, gray, ivory color and many other variations will fit perfectly in the colors of the sofa to the owners of a modest living room.

For a rectangular living room

It is believed that the reference form of the living room – a square. But, of course, rooms with such geometry are not always found. If your living room has an elongated rectangular area, then the “softened” it will help a sofa, located at a smaller wall. For the living room of this form is also often used zoning; in this case the sofa, set across the room in the center, can become a kind of partition that separates the recreation area and the dining room or working area. Here you can apply already mentioned g-shaped sofa together with a coffee table in the middle of a soft group. For the living room the elongated shape will be suitable asymmetrical arrangement of furniture

Sheeting of the product

The second most significant item, after dimensions, when choosing a sofa in the interior of the living room – its upholstery and texture. Much of this will depend on personal preferences and price range. It’s no secret that natural materials are the most durable and practical, but will cost more than their artificial counterparts. The most qualitative materials for upholstery of a sofa are flock, velor, shenil. Upholstery of flock is easy to clean and suitable for pets, but this material is not so comfortable for sleep. The velor is very soft and cozy, but nicely caring. Fierce Shenilov is durable and has a rich selection of colors. Also for upholstering sofas used jacquard, cotton, wool, microfiber, Teflon fabric. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so come to the choice of sofa in the interior of the living room.

Undoubtedly, a leather sofa is a favorite for any masters. Natural leather is wearproof, and what else to say about its appearance: a leather sofa will make chic even a simple unprepossessed interior of the living room. However, his price “bites”, and it will be very sad if the sofa spoils pets or small children. Therefore, many prefer to prefer sofas made of artificial leather substitutes, which are often outwardly inferior to the original. But, of course, it is worth choosing more expensive counterparts if you do not want the sofa to crack quickly and become useless.

The tint of the sofa

The color of the sofa is the third component when choosing the appropriate model. Here everything depends entirely on the design of the living room and the general style. In the interior of restrained tones bold and unobvious will look like a bright sofa. Dirty its color in a few more details, and get a spectacular setting. The pastel range of the interior is well supplemented with a gray, brown, blue or black sofa. The main thing, the color of the sofa should not coincide with the shade of walls, floors and ceiling, otherwise all the design will merge into one big spot and lose its attractiveness. Do not be afraid of a white sofa: long-ago devised removable covers that make cleaning easier. In addition, the white color will fit into absolutely any gamut and style.

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