Spring and springless sofas, which sofa to buy and what are their benefits

A modern buyer of upholstered furniture has become difficult to lure with one bright upholstery sofa: he needs to know what is inside him – and this desire is well grounded. The demand for quality furniture is increasing, therefore, more and more people are well versed in what differs the French clamshell from the sedaflex or what the internal filling of sofa mattresses. Let’s try to figure out which couch is better in terms of consumer qualities: spring or springless?

Old good springs

Furniture springs are historically more traditional and widely known. All ancient replicas of antique items are made precisely with the use of a spring block of different design. The high quality of the original materials provides a long life and good orthopedic properties. Several types of springs can be used in soft seat elements:

Snake is well known to us by old armchairs, their disadvantages are sagging, the impossibility of decomposition, so they are practically not used in furniture for daily sleep.

Sofa-books in the majority have a spring block in the basis, which allows to get trouble-free operation of mechanisms. Eurobooks and many sales leaders also have a spring-loaded design that ensures quick assembly / decomposition and comfortable seating of the soft seat. Accordions can have different fillings: both foam and spring.

Blocks of independent springs create too high a seat, therefore most often are used in mattresses for beds, sometimes – in models of the Eurobooks. Each specially packed spring creates an independent compression, and the top softens layers of foam rubber, coconut coir, nonwoven bulk materials, upholstery fabrics. The result is an excellent sleeping place, but the price is formed quite high.

Springless blocks

If the springs according to the working process have to be laid manually, then the simpler manufacturing technology is the polyurethane foam. The PPU unit has high orthopedic properties, it is strong and soft, demonstrates the lack of creak and residual vibrations, regardless of the motions sleeping on the mattress.

At height it is lower spring, besides, it can withstand less load: up to 100-120 kg on the common bed. The best basis for springless mattresses are natural latex fillers, which, for rigidity, are reinforced with layers of coconut coir. Among their drawbacks is high, unlike spring blocks, the cost and short lifetime of natural materials.

To maintain a weight of 140 kg and more, a block of polyurethane foam, durable, durable and generally non-toxic material is used. However, the price for PPU is much higher than for a classic spring block Bonnel of a similar size. Different density polyurethane foam can be made in the form of soft foam rubber, which has a short time of abrasion and quickly planting.

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